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This portal provides you with access to a range of accredited online learning modules to provide doctors, nurses and other health professionals with up-to-date education on cancer treatment, early detection and support.

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Cancer Australia’s Cancer Learning


Smoking cessation


Skin cancer and vitamin D


Bowel cancer


Breast cancer


Liver cancer, hepatitis and STIs


 Ovarian cancer


Haematological cancers


Cancer Screening


Cancer and young people


Cancer in general practice


Lecture presentations (PDFs and videos from Cancer Council WA)

Lecture presentations include:

    • Skin cancer & vitamin D – getting the balance right
    • Inaugural Rural Women’s Health Day, Bunbury

Lecture presentations include:

    • 9th Annual Women’s Health Day
    • Demystifying palliative care in general practice
    • What’s going to change in cancer treatment and care?
    • Cancer in childhood
    • HPV vaccination and cancer prevention

Lecture presentations include: 

    • Gynaecological cancers: General practice update
    • Cancer in General Practice: Screening and early diagnosis
    • Bowel symptoms: Is it cancer?
    • Alcohol – Is there such a thing as safe drinking for women?
    • What GPs should know when providing health care for refugees
    • Common cardiovascular problems in women
    • Living with cancer: Information for general practice
    • Prostate disease: An update for general practice