Clinical trial smartphone app

Victorian Cancer Trials Link

Published 13 June 2016

International Clinical Trials Day was celebrated on May 20 and provided an opportunity for organisations, health professionals, and the public to acknowledge how clinical research can change treatment practice. Cancer clinicians can access the latest information on clinical trials underway with the Victorian Cancer Trials Link smartphone app.

Clinical trials are considered a component of gold-standard health care with well-described benefits for both patients and the health system. Many Victorians are living longer with better quality of life because of clinical trials, however, fewer than 6% of adult Victorians with cancer participate in clinical trials. This number hasn’t changed since 1990 and is in contrast to the United Kingdom where participation rates have risen from 4 to 17% in the past decade.

Cancer Council Victoria’s Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL) was created to link patients with clinical trials through a searchable online resource of all treatment trials being undertaken in Victoria. We often receive enquiries from patients and their families about clinical trials and encourage them to talk to their medical team about their interest in being involved. Our booklet Understanding Clinical Trials and Research provides general information about participating in cancer research.

For clinicians, Victorian Cancer Trials Link smartphone app was launched in 2015 in partnership with Clinical Trials Australia. Clinicians and health professionals can use the app to search for a trial or filter options based on phase, hospital or tumour type. The app can assist with keeping abreast of new trials or changes in existing trials with customised push notifications.

The Clinical Trials Victoria app is available for free download from both the iTunes App Store  and Google Play  for use on Apple and Android mobile devices.
Access the Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL)  website for full details.